Long time no boast ‘How much money I make’

With my low profile, I guess all my detractors are sniggering behind my back that I am now ‘eating shit’ (meaning in the dumps) as I hardly make money anymore. However, it is a choice I made because when I work too hard, I have no time for myself to waste leisurely and I have […]

Spread out your income sources

And don’t say your mama never tell you that it is bad to put all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes, in our frenzy to make money, we can get so caught up with only one source. That’s what happened to me many months ago when I was totally dependent on PayPerPost. BTW, I have […]

My biggest Nuffnang cheque so far

RM4 K! If I get this every month, I will gladly pay my taxes. Anyway, I guess yearly, Nuffnang will need to give us a statement or something on our total income through Nuffnang so that we can submit our tax. Bah! I don’t care about such thing because I am married to an accountant to deal with my tax.