Do you have a Yahoo Geocities site somewhere?

For the longest time, I have been meaning to move my Yahoo Geocities site to either a, or even my own hosting. However, the sites I have are not exactly the most cheerful site. So, I never do anything about them. Some of my Yahoo Geocities sites are more than six years old […]

Do you 666 or 755?

I have upgraded several blogs to WordPress 2.8. It is pretty easy when you just need to press the Upgrade button from your Dashboard and leave the whole thing to upgrade itself. However, my webhost is rather strict with security nowadays because I am too obnoxious LOL. So, I can’t upgrade some of my blogs […]

Where is your blog hosted? Malaysia? USA? Russia?

I seriously wonder if the police has the nose to sniff at the right place or do they just use a long stick and swipe every leads, whether useful or not? Once, I brought some evidence to the police station using my thumbdrive. They wanted to keep the thumbdrive as ‘bukti’! I was like WTF, just transfer the blardy files I am giving you to your computer. Why the hell do they need the thumbdrive?

Who is my webhost – IXIY

A few people have written to me to ask about my webhost. So, to save replying to all the emails, let me put down in one post and next time, I just post the link. I have a lot of blogs to make money. I also have a forum that eats up a lot of […]

Solution for slow WordPress 2.7 by Bluehost

Just to the right of the check all link there is a drop down menu that says “With Selected.” Click on that, and choose “repair”.
6. You should get a page that will list all the tables, with “OK” listed next to them. When this is done, look up to the top of the page, and click on the “Structure” tab.

Bluehost sucks when it comes to WordPress 2.7

I am lucky that Bluehost is not my main webhost. Recently, after I upgraded one of my blogs hosted on Bluehost to WordPress 2.7, it has been crawling at snail speed. I have a hard time waiting for the admin panel to download and getting from Write to Publish is like hell. In one sentence, […]

Am letting my domains expire

Two domains of mine just expired. Both have some inane blog posts and belong to some niches. One is about Mac. I bought the domain when I buy my iMac. I thought I would have time to post and at the same time learn about this new OS. But soon, I found that whatever I […]