What have I been doing while all of you are making money online?

While the rest of the world is making money online, I have been wandering around. September is probably the lowest income month this year. I didn’t write much paid posts because I dissed many of the demanding advertisers who paid pennies and expect million hits. So, I got back to my dear camera and took […]

Why must we track our traffic?

A few of you have asked and some emailed me to ask why I am so dependent on tracking my blog traffic. Sorry I never got around to reply the emails because I was rather busy with the candlelight vigils and the much awaited change of Government. Still waiting with bated breath and keeping my […]

Is your blog a bonsai or a meadow of weeds?

I have a balance of both – i.e. the bonsai and the weed. Why bonsai? Because some of my blogs grow at such a slow pace, they are almost not growing at all. By growing, I mean the pagerank, traffic and RSS subscriber numbers. Yet, I call it a bonsai because though they grow very […]

Knowing when to stop

Have you have conversations with people who just do not know when to stop talking? They will yelp, yelp, yelp on and on eventhough we show signs of disinterest. Then, there are the constant whiners who will whine about the bad weather, the bad knees, the bad foods and bad mother-in-law and etc. These people […]

Make$ Money$ reviewed by Blog of Famer

When you Google your own blog brandname, what do you get? Sometimes, just to test how ‘popular’ the term 5xmom is, I do Google self. I like to know which blogs mention me and who are on the front page. I notice that the results normally start with those pages with high PR. So, that’s […]

How long does it take you to write a blog post?

Some people agonise over a blog post. Some people just shoot. I belong to the latter group. The lucky one. When I am in the mood, I can shoot several posts about various topics within minutes. I do not like the idea of wasting too much time over a blog post because it is well, […]