Christmas WordPress themes and snowfall plugin

make money bloggers may not be keen to go Christmassy mood. But if your blog is targetting women, food lovers, parents and shopping, do change your blog theme to get your visitors into the mood. They may be infected with the festive mood and click on one of your ads or affiliate link to buy something, you know?

Glad that Chitika Premium no longer audit income

I am so glad to get an email from Chitika that the income audit is a thing of the past. Previously, Chitika audited our income and only pay us for USA traffic. However, with Chitika Premium ads placed in our blogs, now they pay us what is due to us. I love Chitika Premium because […]

Do you notice your incoming links today?

This is for the users. On your admin panel, do you notice the incoming links seem to be showing every blogs that link you on the sidebar? Usually, the incoming links only show the permalinks which mention and link to our blogs. However, today I notice every blog that links me on the sidebar […]

A blog post is just as important

If you wish to make money through your blogs, one of the thing to remember is – Always treat each page or each blog post as a website on its own. Each blog post has its own value if you get it right. Sometimes, we only need two or three pages in a blog with […]

Do you invest the money you earned online?

Normally, I will convert what I wanted to buy into USD. Then, it seems so cheap. After that, I estimate how many days I need to earn that amount of money. With all these steps, all my purchases and investments become legitimate.

Since I am not much of a spender, and I think I am rather frugal, I do have a tidy sum in my basket.

So, do you invest some of the money you earned online to make more money or improve your blog? Or do you burnt all of them into unrelated things?

How long does your site take to load?

We Malaysians are a frustrated lot. We are at the mercies of the internet service providers like Streamyx, Jaring and the other smaller players. We know our internet connection sucks max. I have just tried for the 100th time to stumble someone’s post and it just won’t move. It is darn frustrating to surf at […]