Hard core blogging needs creativity

I was having dinner just now. A boring dinner that is not worth mentioning. A dinner that everyone have around the world. However, being the food blogger, I have to find conversation pieces in my every day meals because that’s what food bloggers do. We have to come up with something interesting to write. In […]

How long does your site take to load?

We Malaysians are a frustrated lot. We are at the mercies of the internet service providers like Streamyx, Jaring and the other smaller players. We know our internet connection sucks max. I have just tried for the 100th time to stumble someone’s post and it just won’t move. It is darn frustrating to surf at […]

Why must we track our traffic?

A few of you have asked and some emailed me to ask why I am so dependent on tracking my blog traffic. Sorry I never got around to reply the emails because I was rather busy with the candlelight vigils and the much awaited change of Government. Still waiting with bated breath and keeping my […]

Does your site ‘measure’ up?

If you have a blog, do you compare if it measures up to your peers’ blogs? Or do you just keep writing for the sake of writing and do not give much thought to the design, the functionality of your site and if it is making money? If you are seriously into blogging, then read […]