Automattic Stats Plugin – Try it today!

I enjoy checking my stats. It tells a lot about our site. You should take up this habit too if you wish to blog for money. I have MyBlogLog stats which I actually paid USD3 per month for them. Ahh..I am just itchy fingers ‘cos I have money in PayPal and signed up for a […]

Google desktop – New themes

Have you check out the themes available? Cute eh? Well, my kids love it. So do I. I choose the seasonal scape which can turn from day to night! Just enter your country and postcode. So fun! Please tell me you know what I am talking about. If not, you don’t know what you are […]

Cool! WordPress Generator

I picked up this info from Weblog Tools Collection about this WordPress Generator. I head over there and played around with the colours, margins, fonts and backgrounds. Nice! I can choose to have the pages menu on the side bar or the top. So, if you are a total noob and wish to mess around […]

How to add gravatars?

Do you see some of the blogs which have gravatars of their commentors? Cool, right? What is gravatar? It is global avatar. What is avatar? It is that little pic of yours. A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside […]

Are you a prolific blogger?

I am. Or, I claim to be. :P At least, that’s what I normally use in my description when I want to ‘sell’ to advertisers like those little ‘About Me’ in the ads programme column. So, what exactly is a prolific blogger? Let’s see…. Prolific means “Intellectually productive”. Which means, not a copy-paster. I got […]

McAfee SiteAdvisor – Firefox Plugin

I knew about this through PPP’s forum but can’t remember who gave it to us. If I can recall, I will add his URL here. My PC and laptop are often used by my kids, including my toddler. Therefore, I had to keep on reminding them that they cannot download anything unless they have my […]

MyBlogLog – Fantastic cool tool for your blog

I signed up MyBlogLog for months, on 24th June 2006 before I realised the usefulness of it. Doh! If you haven’t heard of MyBlogLog, it is a free service where you can sign up, track your blog traffic and at the same time, build community. Blogging is all about building community, creating a wider social […]