New Sitemeter sucks – Is there a better choice?

I like Sitemeter because it provides me real time site traffic information like ‘Referral’ and ‘Who on’? From it, I know if my page has been picked up by some of the social bookmarking services, quoted by some popular blogs or I am having an avalanche of traffic due to other dirty tricks. But today, […]

Google Webmaster ‘Gadgets’

I will soon go cuckoo with all these datas because I am totally addicted to staring at them, figuring out how to improve, what to do next and how to expand to get maximum traffic, maximum ads income and maximum everything.

Blogrush really sucks

Put back the widget or get kicks off their network. Sayonara, Blogrush. I have seen enough old posts from the same few elitists’ blogs to tell me that people game the system. Posts from smallish blog like mine will never, ever get on the widget. I didn’t even get 5 visits per day from Blogrush […]

Are you banned or accepted into Blogrush?

I am back! Maybe I will post some photos later on to share what life without blogging is like. Now, I am having a hangover and really do not feel like blogging, especially the ‘working blog’. However, something interesting happened. I read that JohnCow was banned from Blogsrush and I was like oh-oh, surely my […]

SketchCast – Voice and doodling

This is fun toy to play with. Check it out at All you need to do is to sign up an account and you are good to go. I wish I have a better mouse instead of the bulky one I am using. And I forgot to say that this blog is #1 for […]

Hallelujah! Firefox Add on – No script

I used to have this installed on my desktop previously. However, I had forgotten about how useful it is until just now. OMG, I need to get rid of some things that I do not wish to see from some sites. Well, if you want to know what is javascripts, you can read Owen‘s explanation […]