I have never written for SocialSpark and still am puzzled how it works. I did try but when the post was given to me, the amount offered was much lower than what I bid. So, I didn’t participate.

Frankly, after all the hype from Payperpost aka Izea aka Socialspark, I never see it taking off for me. Now, I only have a miserly USD55 pending. However, I have to-date made USD15K from PayPerPost. So, I shouldn’t complain.

(PayPerPost referral)

So, to those bloggers who are new in this area call make money writing paid posts, you may have missed the wonderful time we had more than a year ago. Back then, we could make USD400 per night!

Now, the chances to make money writing paid posts have dwindled. The paid post companies are no longer rewarding bloggers with large payout. All advertisers want to take advantage of the sea of bloggers so they throw USD5 and asked for PR4/10 and want 300 words! I will tell them to take a hike. If you take that, your PR will disappeared so it is not worth it. But if you can stay below Google’s radar or you don’t care about pagerank, writing paid post is the easiest and fastest way to make money blogging.

Back to my title question ‘Can we make money online writing paid post?’, the answer is ‘Not anymore.’ But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try and good luck.

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