I have signed up with a few websites selling photographs. I never care about uploading my photos because I doubt I can make any money from it. Moreover, it usually comes with a string of terms and I am too lazy to read it.

I also am not sure if I need to photoshop my photo to perfection or whether it is alright to upload the RAW file.

So far, a few individuals have asked me for some photos of exotic fruits and vegetables and they told me they will pay me but they never get back after I gave them my large resolution photos. So be it, I am not bothered to chase them for payment either.

But it seems a waste that I have such a good DSLR camera and the photo opportunities, yet, I never capitalise on them.

Therefore, can anyone tell me if you have successfully make money selling photographs? How do they pay? I am not interested in those few cents clicks because it sucks to give them my photos f.o.c. I am interested in those more exclusive programs and I do not mind working on my photographs. (yayaya, I will make sure the ocean water doesn’t spill into your laptop due to uneven horizon)

Anyone? Referral?

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