I asked Ron aka Wicko of LinkWorth. If you notice, now I have two link-in-text companies on one blog. I only place it here because I want to test out both companies and see how effective and how well they pay.

Kontera’s ads are different from LinkWorth LinkInTxt. Kontera pays per click.

Whereas LinkWorth LinkInTxt works by allowing advertisers to buy that keyword and place a link to their site. Although both Kontera and LinkWorth have the same pop-up little bubble, we get to fix our price on LinkWorth, i.e. USD5 or above. (per month)

So, I asked Ron if I can put both. He said LinkWorth will not dictate what we can do.

Here is a reply from Ron :

We’re going to implement a filter for LinkInTxt, but you get the opportunity to decline any offer with this product. This means if someone tries to purchase a LinkInTxt Ad from a sponsored post, you can simply decline the offer until we get the filter in place.

Along with this, we’re discussing the option of adding something that will prevent ads like Kontera, LinkWords, Intellitxt inside paid reviews. Kontera offers a filter I believe to disable it in content like paid blow reviews. I believe if it’s sponsored and someone doesn’t want Kontera to appear, you can start the post with: (code missing in the email)
then at the end, close it up with a . You can read this where I found it:


But as far as choosing…we don’t tell you what you can and cannot do on your site. The advertiser might request it on their paid ad, but if you’re not happy with it, you can decline the offer.

Hope this helps!

This means, both Kontera and LinkWorth can work together. Twice the fun, twice the money. Now, do you see how valuable our blogs are? It is like a gold mine where advertisers are going to dig the nuggets (our important keywords) and pay us to ‘rent’ it. Great, right?

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