Why is not the right place for blogging?

1) You cannot place Google Ads on it.

2) You cannot place other ads on it.

3) You cannot write paid posts on it.

There are bloggers who did that but once WordPress finds out, they will shut down your blog and you risk losing all your valuable thoughts and what’s worst, those advertisers may make a claim from you for not honouring the terms of keeping their paid posts online.

4) is very strict. Don’t even think of gaming it. They have eyes everywhere.

So, what are the other alternatives?

1) is a good alternative. You can place ads and also do paid posts.

What good is then?

a) It is a fantastic free blogging platform.

b) It’s dashboard is much better than’s Blogspot.

c) Your posts get traffic from within the community and it helps in search engine ranking. Heh, bad to teach you this but if you have a blog on, it is valuable in getting backlinks from there. But don’t over do it if you don’t want to get discovered.

So, now I have a blog on and I wish to improve and make money on my blog. How do I do it?

1) Get your own hosting and use WordPress.Org. Own hosting is not expensive. For a mere RM200 per year, you have your own home, minus the restrictions.

2) Moving from to your own hosting is very easy. Just a few steps and it is done. Usually, your webhost can help too. I recommend asking my local webmaster Bryan, if you are interested.

Do you recommend moving to own domain, 5xmom?

No. You have to be at least a few months old blogger before you are really sure you can sustain blogging on a daily basis. Make money from blogging is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight.

The current political rant will not last long and you have to be sure you have other topics to write after the political storm is over. Writing about politics is very dry because almost everyone has the same angle of the story so there is nothing about yours that others have not read.

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