I have updated almost all my blogs to WP 2.3.2. A few people have pointed out to me that the no-follow tag is already in our WordPress and there is no need for me to add a no-follow tag plugin.

I began building websites with Yahoo Pagebuilder back in early 2000 and then, Frontpage and Dreamweaver. So, I am very familiar with looking at source codes. I look and look and look and cannot find any no-follow tags in any of the WordPress blogs I have. The only no-follow I see are those on my blogs which I have added the no-follow plugin.

Now, can someone clarify how come I don’t see any no-follow added into my WordPress 2.3.2?

As for those people who asked me the followings :

What is a no-follow tag?

nofollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring in the first place.


What did Google says about no-follow?

Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as:

* Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the [ a ] tag
* Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

Won’t the advertising companies penalize me for using no-follow?

No, unless otherwise stated. I must make it clear that I use no-follow only on certain sites and not on those blogs where I write for money. If I use the no-follow, then, I do not write for PayPerPost and other companies that doesn’t allow it.

And if you still have this question – But I still don’t understand what’s the big deal with follow and no-follow!

Ok, let me explain in simpler terms. Let’s say you are entering an exclusive club. You have no friends so you cannot be admitted. You need friends. The more influential your friend is, the faster you get to the top level. If you have five VIPs friends who quoted you, you will be elevated very high. Same goes for our site. If more people with good pageranks linked you, you will get higher on the search engine results and you will also get higher PR.

That’s why Google hates people buying pageranks because this way, all the gambling, p0rn, male enhancement sites become top on the search engines. Google is our very strict grandma who preaches good morality. *roll eyes* They do not want the naughty kids to buy their way to the top because it will cause the innocent people to get lost on the world wide web, stumbling into the wrong sites.

Finally, tell me where in the world is the no-follow tag in our WordPress? Where is it built in? I don’t see it on my source code.

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