Moolah King asked me if Bluehost is any good? Well, I am not a pro in webhosting and I do not know anything about setting up a server from scratch. But with Bluehost, I can manage to buy some domain names whenever I feel like it, set up a WordPress blog and start blogging.

Actually, I have two main webhosts. One is SapiensBryan who handles my more important blogs and domains including this blog and my personal blog. Normally, if I get hacked or something major like that, I need his expertise to solve the problems. I also need a virtual private server because my blogs database are huge and I also have a few forums that eat up a lot of resources. If you are just starting to blog, you don’t need a VPS like mine. So, let’s see what Bluehost offers…..

1) Bluehost has two years webhosting package at USD165 for the two years period. The diskspace, bandwith and all the features are more than you need. You can set up a lot of blogs and many domains on it.

2) So far, I do not experience any downtime with Bluehost.

3) You can easily purchase a domain through Bluehost for USD10 per year. However many experts advised that it is not wise to buy through Bluehost and better to get it direct from GoDaddy or other sources. But I like Bluehost because it provides me privacy status without extra charges.

4) I also read that some webhosts who hosted some ‘bad neighbourhood’ may cause your Pagerank to drop. So far, my blogs on Bluehosts are gaining PR so I am quite happy with that. A point to note – Do you notice that Kennysia, Cheeserland and some other blogs are hosted in the same server and KennySia and Cheeserland (both very popular blogs with lots of backlinks) have low PR?

5) Forking out USD165 is a bit of a pain unless you are already making money. But if you are hosted on cheap webhostings, remember that you may run into all sorts of problems like downtime, exceeding bandwith and hacking. If you are an expert in solving all these problems or moving servers, then, do buy those cheap hostings that you need to pay per month. If not, it is safer to stick to more reputable webhosts.

6) Bluehost customer service has been prompt and they provide very good tutorial. That’s how I learn to set up blogs using the Fantastico One Click software.

7) I learnt about BlueHost from PayPerPost so I guess it is a ‘rather safe’ webhost.

8) I was told that some old servers can cause your site to download very slow. So far, Bluehost is fine.

So, those are 8 good reasons to host with Bluehost. I have hosted with them for almost two years already.

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