I am lucky that Bluehost is not my main webhost. Recently, after I upgraded one of my blogs hosted on Bluehost to WordPress 2.7, it has been crawling at snail speed. I have a hard time waiting for the admin panel to download and getting from Write to Publish is like hell. In one sentence, Bluehost sucks if you are using WordPress 2.7.

Meanwhile, my main blogs hosted with my webhost at IXIY.com are fantastic because I am using a virtual private server or VPS. My webhost has upgraded my server to :

…there was a server processor upgrade.
It is now running on Dual Quad Core (meaning 2×4 CPUs) as compared to the previous Dual Dual Core (2×2 CPUs). The loading speed is faster now.

On top of that, the webhost has also strengthen security because my previous server was hacked and I had been spammed with WordPress spam injection whereby the hacker inserted links to porn/drugs/other bad sites without me noticing it because they hid the codes and it is not visible through source codes. Usually, they inserted malicious files disguised as jpeg files on my root server.

I do not earn commission or referral fees, ok? I have to pay quite a big sum of money every month to maintain my VPS hosting but what to do….without investment, there is no gain. My webhosting fee per month is only a fraction of my blogs income but two months hosting fee is enough to pay for two years hosting on Bluehost. So, it is certainly a big sum of money to pay for the security, speed and reliabilty.

By the way, my main webhost is a Penang blogger so service is faster as he lives in the same time zone with me, i.e. same island as me. But of course, my server is in the United States, not in Penang. Hehehe, otherwise, I think I will die with our local broadband speed.

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