Blogrush? Why not Scratchback?

One reader asked me about Blogrush widget and he asked why did I still use it when I had dissed Blogrush earlier? Here are the reasons.

1) I like to experiment. Since I need blog topics for this blog, I gobbled up new stuffs, chew it, taste it and then, tell my readers what it tastes like. Initially, Blogrush sucks but after they had cleaned up their network of blogs, I notice that the links in the widget are pretty impressive. I discovered many new blogs of the same topic.

2) Not everyone gets admitted into Blogrush and some were kicked out. So, yes! I win! I am in. That means I better appreciate it and give it another shot.

3) It has nice graphs and I love staring at graphs.


I know those numbers are meaningless but heck, I like to see the colourful graphs. LOL.

4) I do get traffic, albeit pathetic.

This is the screenshot of the referral traffic I got from the Blogrush widget for my food blog. Only a miserable 8 for a whole month. So, I had ditched that widget.


For this blog, I got about 60 per month so I am giving them a chance.

Some observations I made :

a) The same old blog appears all the time, e.g. JohnChow.

b) I have only seen my own blog post appearred only ONCE. I should have taken a screenshot and post a huge post, “Look ma! My blog is on Blogrush!” Ptui.

Right now, my sidebar is pretty empty so I shall leave Blogrush widget here for a little while and see how it performs. It makes a bloggable topic, that’s why.


You can go to Shoemoney’s blog and see his comparisons between all the widgets for traffic referral.



You know what? We should support Scratchback more because it tips us bloggers and it gives good clean links to other bloggers. The big boss himself, Jim Kukrall came by my blog too. Hey, take a look at the post ‘cos LinkWorth’s big boss Wicko wuz there too. Am I famous or am I famous? *grins* Oh ya, I made nearly 20 bucks with ScratchBack. Thanks for the tips, AsktheBlogger and cyber-blogger! I just discovered that I can pay by PayPal for Scratchback. So, I will be busy tipping some blogs soon. Read the FAQ on Scratchback.

I hope that answers some of your questions. Go try Scratchback, you can price yours for five bucks and I saw some also accept two bucks. Mine is ten, for the moment…until I become even famous-er! LOL! Get yourself on my Topspot cos I no longer take link ads nor write paid posts. My blog is as clean as a white sheet of paper.

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3 thoughts on “Blogrush? Why not Scratchback?

    Jim Kukral

    (November 22, 2007 - 1:15 am)

    Don’t forget my latest BlogRush killer…


    (November 22, 2007 - 1:37 pm)

    Jim – LOL, I fell for that! But I am learning. Also proved my theory that at this time, anyone selling ‘Get your PR back’ stuffs will make tonnes of money.


    (November 23, 2007 - 8:47 pm)

    Yup i’ve signed up from ur widget ^_^
    And i price mine @ $1.00 since i just started my blog lol :P

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