Blogging tips from the bloggers for the bloggers

I was already a Star Online member for years already so I joined the project because I already have an account. However, some people were apprehensive and asked if the info we provided can be used against bloggers next time. My response : Stop being so paranoid, ok? Anyway, I have nothing to be afraid of.
Here are some of the useful blogging tips provided by the members that you may be interested to read :

From yours truly….ahem:

Blogging is not for everyone. It is survival of the fittest. It takes the mind, heart and soul to be a great blogger. (the_5xmom)

Choose the blogs that you enjoy reading, visit them on a regular basis, interact with them by posting comments and you’ll automatically make yourself known in the community. Keep your blog updated so that they will visit yours too. (hcfoo)

Sex sells, but overdosing on it will make readers go away. (Melvin Foong)

Be yourself. Instead of trying to imitate or “copy” other bloggers, just be yourself. Every individual is unique and interesting in his/her own way. Write and blog the way you want it. Be personal. Be real. Be you. :) (JustNice.Org)

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