Blogging for money is 50% analysing, 40% reading and 10% writing

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People will tell you not to be too obsessed with looking at your stats. But if you are blogging for money, it is one of the most important thing to do. You cannot forge ahead blindly and keep churning out articles. You are only wasting time.

You have to know where your traffic comes from, what they are looking for, which sites send you the highest referrals, where you can promote your blog and etc etc. Sometimes, I can spend some hours just analysing how people find me. It is a tedious job because I have to know why they come and how I can make more people come.

I have to know if there are some factors that will cause a spike in traffic. I have to cater for the season. Well, I am talking about blogs with other niches, not boring how to make money blogs. I need to know what are the commons things women want to know. Sometimes, to cater for them, I am risking people misunderstand me.

For example, I know a lot of insecure women wants to know how to tighten their vagina. LOL. So, I make sure that I have the bases covered (pun intended) by having a post in almost all the related blogs. Sometimes, I churn out new posts based on something I just read or ideas that cropped up. Regular blog buddies may get suspicious with the amount of posts I keep writing about tightening vagina. I hope no one assume anything. Hahaha. All for SEO sake, ok?

40% reading. Things change very fast. What one blog guru said may actually be bull craps to another. So, always have a broad range of SEO blogs in your RSS. Absorb what they say but always be on the look out for other differing opinions. I have seen some fanbois going gaga over just one or two and oh boy, do they make a fool of themselves. Read blogging tips, read the latest news of your niches, read your competitors blogs… Oh well, we are not in business so we have no competitors but there are blogging peers that are on par with us so it is always good to sniff out what their next strategy is and where they are learning them from. You know the art of war, know yourself and know your enemies well.

And we only need to write 10%. What’s the point of putting out a masterpiece all the time? The search engines only catch our keywords. Of course, you need to create that aura or brandname so that other type of blog , i.e. the personal blog plays by a different rule altogether.

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    (May 26, 2008 - 5:10 am)

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    rully taraka

    (March 10, 2009 - 5:04 pm)

    paid blogging is surely motivate us to keep posting good articles.
    if you like to write, and getting paid for it, well.. it’s look like a perfect job, isn’t it..

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