Blek! It is WordPress upgrading time again.

I hate upgrading. It is a lot of work ‘cos I have like 12 WordPress blogs to upgrade. The time taken to back-up, deactivate all my plugins, upload, activate plugin one by one and so on. Sometimes, after doing the whole routine for three or four blogs, I will take the short cut and just plopped all the files without bothering to go through the whole works.

I am sure those of you who use WordPress would have heard about the need to upgrade to WP 2.07. Mine is still at 2.05. I heard they are going to release 2.1 anytime soon and just wonder if I can get away without upgrading?

Hmmm…what do you think? I am afraid the upgrading will screwed up some of my plugins. Like I used to have the rss plugin that works fine until I upgraded. Now, I can’t even use the plugin anymore.

But probably it is wiser to upgrade than not?

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1 thought on “Blek! It is WordPress upgrading time again.


    (January 19, 2007 - 2:25 am)

    I’m waiting for the 2.1 version. I’m using 2.0 now. Lazy to upgrade. :P

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