Bidvertiser breaks my feeds, FeedFlare and Related plugin

I just realized that my blog feeds have not been updating for several days and the only reason is the Bidvertiser plugin. I am very sure I have done every single thing according to the instructions from Bidvertiser. So, to solve the matter, I have ditch it.

While I was at Feedburner site, I also found out that I have not activated the FeedFlare. With the Feedflare, I can forget about the Share This plugin because frankly, I hate the pop-up.

And finally, one of the Malaysian blogger (argggh..I cannot remember who is it!!! please tell me so I can give credit to him) blogged about the related post plugin for feeds. I am using the wasabi Related Plugin and with the ST Add Related Posts to Feed plugin, now, I have related posts in my feeds.

Right now, if you notice, I have added Google Adsense with the Feedflare. The ads show up on my site but it doesn’t show up in feeds yet because Google said they are not serving ads yet. Anyway, there are lots of things to discover at Feedburner so take time to learn.

My only problem now is to get this darn feeds working again.

Post Author: lilian