I have several blogs that I use entirely for making money. It is more of an informative blog and I never share the links nor get them known locally because I depend on USA traffic. Though the money that flows in make me happy, somehow, I still love my personal blog that makes pittance.

I can never sustain blogging or do anything online stuffs if there is no interaction between humans aka my blog readers/commentors and myself. I see very little purpose in churning out post after post of information for the sake of people to click on our ads or buy stuffs from the affiliate.

So, if you are thinking of making money through blogging, do make yourself a little private corner where you can express yourself as an individual. Do you notice that many of the bloggers like Darren Rowse, John Chow, Matt Cutts (not exactly make money but similar) and etc have a personality on their blog?

My advice is never charge on blindly, with your mind fixate on making money, writing fanatically and sweating over how much you have made or going to make. You will burn out and it takes the fun away from blogging. I know many new bloggers made a nuisance of themselves by writing a few posts and then, shitting all over the blogosphere with their shitty, inane comments with the hope of people visiting them. You are a nobody but a bunch of spams. Establish an identity first, get yourself a network of blog buddies and take it slowly.

It is not easy to maintain the balance of being a person and a money making blog but if you can do both, making money is much more meaningful.

Gee, I am preachy, eh?

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