I have to memorise this Malay poem when I was in primary school. It was a sing-song way where we kids had to do it every day until we could remember and rattle it off. It goes something like this :

Bangau oh bangau, Mengapa engkau kurus? Macamana aku tak kurus, Ikan tidak timbul.

Ikan oh ikan, Mengapa kau tak timbul? Macamana aku tak timbul, Rumput panjang sangat.

Rumput oh rumput, Kenapa engkau panjang sangat? Macamana aku tak panjang, Kerbau tak makan aku.

Katak oh katak, Kenapa panggil hujan? Macamana aku tak panggil,
Ular nak makan aku.

Ular oh ular, Mengapa nak makan katak? Macamana aku tak makan.
Memang makanan aku.

In a gist, it is like asking the crane (bird, not the machine) why it is so thin and the crane blames the fish, the fish blames the cow, the cow blames the grass, the grass blames the frog, the frog blame the snake. Arrggh…it was one stupid blame game, actually.

And that’s what I think Streamyx is doing all the time.

Streamyx, Oh Streamyx
Mengapa engkau lambat

Bagaimana ku tak lambat
Submarine cable dah mampus

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Mengapa repair lama sangat

Bagaimana tak lama
Ini international waters punya pasal

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Mengapa engkau takdak back-up plan

Bagaimana nak ada back-up
Gomen tak kasi subsidi

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Bilang hang nak pi mampui

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Bila hang nak paham
The whole of Malaysia hate you

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