Back to the future

A few of my WordPress blogs are hit with something weird and all the WordPress has to be reinstalled and I lost the posts I made a few days ago. Lucky I have some back-up and will be able to post them back as I had taken some big money opp and cannot afford to lost those opps.

So, if you are seeing weird stuffs appearing and disappearing, then, please bear with me. It is also a good timing because I am too busy with all these disappearing blogs to bother about the pageranks I lost in ALL my blogs. In total, I lose two PR from each blog. From PR 4 > PR 2, PR 5 > PR 3 and etc.

Talking about that, I am super pissed with Google because I have one blog that still remains a PR 5/10 eventhough that blog has no traffic and no content. This just go to show that all those spammy rss feeds those idiots are taking from our blogs are going scott free. If I can get a PR 5/10 on similar method, what’s stopping those spammers, right?

Conclusion – Let’s open rss feeds! Google is after all the friggin sugar daddy who feeds these spammers with Adsense. What we wrote have little bearings. All we need is to open some useless site, steal people’s content, put Adsense and nothing else and we are sure to hit high PR in a few months time.

Please ignore if see you old posts appearing after this because I need to re-post them back.

Post Author: lilian