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If you are from the old skool of making webpages with Yahoo Pagebuilder, Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other html kit, then, you can’t resist the meta tags.

Meta tags are hidden things not shown on your webpages but hidden behind in the codes. It is meant for the spiders of the search engines. Spiders are those robots which come around to our webpages several times a day to scour for new stuffs to add so that whenever someone’s search for something, they have it in their records. Simple enough?

Now, if you are someone who desperately need to increase traffics and page ranks like me, then, you will need to know about meta tags. Some people said meta is passe. Some recommend it. For me, I will just add every damn thing and hope they work.

Maybe we talk about adding keywords, description etc meta tags next time. For today, let’s do something easy-peasy. Just install this Autometa plugin for WordPress written by Put it in your plugin folder, activate and write your post. For old posts, just edit and save.

meta (click photo to see a bigger one at Flickr)

Then, what the plugin did is to insert meta tags of the individual post with description of our post contents so that the spiders will know what exactly this post is about.

This reminds me of another tip – Always use a relevant title and make your first few sentences catchy and filled with relevant words.

I hope this Autometa plugin helps me to increase this site traffic. Can you believe it that even with almost 100 posts and I still don’t get hit by organic traffic? Queer. Yet, my less than 10 posts, few weeks old new blog already achieved a PR 2/10. Divine intervention, that one. :P

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2 thoughts on “Autometa WordPress plugin from

    Danny Foo

    (January 20, 2007 - 10:17 am)

    META tags still rely on the select keywords and phrasing of the TITLE. Though it seems META tags don’t work greatly in Google anymore.

    But do report back of the progress. :)

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    (February 5, 2007 - 3:19 am)

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