Last year, bloggers have a very good income from blogging. They earn from several ways like Google Adsense, TextLinkAds, doing paid reviews and also selling banner ads.

However, Google put its foot down and almost every blogger’s income was affected. My own income drop from USD5K per month to an all time low of USD1,500.

Well, I didn’t depend on my blog income as survival and hence, it wasn’t that scary to me. That’s why I have the calmness to take stock, make amends with Google, find new revenues and re-invent my blogging strategies.

It also cause me to work harder, improve my blogs, spend more time analysing and basically, plod on with the hope of going back to the glory of making a five digit income (in RM) again.

I did turn to God when things were crashing down. PR disappeared. Traffic dropped. Getting de-indexed. Rankings on the search results folded to nowhere. I fixate my focus that the Lord will provide as and when I need them. True enough, the faith I profess, “Give us our daily bread” stands firm.

So, yes, my blog income has picked up since the Google smackdown. It is not yet at its peak but I am seeing brighter days now.

What about you? Have you recovered from the last Google smackdown? Or do you totally dropped all your blogs and leave them to get mouldy and rotten? I have seen many a good bloggers who made the mistake of giving up too fast. They threw away their blog persona to eke out a few bucks. They lost faith. They lost direction. It is very sad to see people giving up hope so fast.

Remember my advice – Tend to your blog like your garden. It will bloom again.

For me, I am now focussed on ‘If I can earn another few more dollars, I can add them up to my four son’s college and university education. The more I earn, the better college we can afford.’ That gives me the motivation to actually work and not just treat the dollars and cents I made as mere numbers.

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