Are you utilising the Image Ads only on Google Adsense?

I notice a drop in my [tag]Google Adsense[/tag] after I disabled the Adsense Beautifier plugin because Google disallowed it. Things seem less attractive without some photos on my site.

So, what I did was to instal “Image Ads only” codes on my site. This is what I get :


Very relevant ad to my topic, right? I put one large rectangle on my single page, before the content itself.

If you are using HiTech Ads-Minded theme by Bryan, then, I would suggest putting another Image Ads only code into your squaresidebar.php file. What you will get will be something like this:


The Simpsons! Well, I can’t be sure if one single Image Ad is higher paying that several options in a text ads. But if you are putting the maximum of three ads on a page, it is good to break them out into Image Ads only and Text & Image Ads codes because if you don’t, they will mostly serve text ads. It can be a little crowded when we have too many text ads on a page. Moreover, you may have video ads appearing too.

Try it and let me know if it works for you. BTW, try Ads-Minded or any similar wordpress theme that has a large rectangle space on the right side to accomodate a chunk of ads. It works better than skyscrapper ads. And forget about the looks of your theme. Looks do not matter if you are interested in earning money. I only maintain three formats for my money making blogs, i.e. Tim Yang’s ProBlogger, Bryan’s Ads-minded and Indonesian’s Isaini dotcom.

All the above screenshots are taken from my MyMomsBest’s Mom’s Daily blog.

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2 thoughts on “Are you utilising the Image Ads only on Google Adsense?


    (January 8, 2007 - 3:23 am)

    I bought a package of Adsense image from some online retailer.

    You can see those sample here :

    It improves CTR a bit la. Maybe it doesnt give visitors the “old” look.


    (January 9, 2007 - 3:18 am)

    Thank you for the tip. I faster faster go and implement on my blog adi. Wish me luck!

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