Are you banned or accepted into Blogrush?

I am back! Maybe I will post some photos later on to share what life without blogging is like.

Now, I am having a hangover and really do not feel like blogging, especially the ‘working blog’. However, something interesting happened. I read that JohnCow was banned from Blogsrush and I was like oh-oh, surely my blogs are banned too. I only submitted a few ‘spammy’ blogs and had taken off blogrush widget from all my blogs.

However, I got a very fantastic mail.

We’ve just completed a massive SWEEP of our entire network. We’ve
removed over *10,000* blogs (Yes, ten thousand) that did not meet our
new Quality Guidelines.

We have done a huge “quality control audit” of our network and have
reviewed all the blogs one-at-a-time. We will continue to review each
NEW blog that is ever submitted to our network.

You will notice the HUGE DIFFERENCE in the quality of blogs that now
appear in your widget. This major *sweep* of our network will also
increase the click-rates across the entire network and you will start
to receive more traffic.


I haven’t decide if I am going to put the Blogrush widgets back to my blogs. What about you?

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