(from my previous post on Adverlets not paying)

Josh Lim said:

Hi Chong, Cypherhackz: Firstly, thanks for your concern. While I will not comment here on the status of your cashout, payouts up to Feb 2008 have already gone out to bloggers. Please understand that in disputed cases, we also need some time to determine the extent of invalid activity, and to make an honest and fair decision on your account.

As you may be aware, and we are too: There are truly honest publishers that have fell victim to people attempting to sabotage them or weird traffic/click patterns not due to their own doing, and there are those that are really trying to manipulate the system.

To make the distinction though, takes time, and investigation. Banning or invalidating cashouts completely is always a last resort based on solid data. We will endeavor to resolve your situation within the next 2 weeks, please be patient.

To Josh : Although your comment is directed to Chong and Cypherhackz, I am thankful that I am not a publisher of Adverlets. Otherwise, I will get very pissed if you go to another blogger’s blog to talk about my suspected click frauds, which may give people impression that I am really the guilty party. This is not the first time I see Adverlets deal with its publishers in this third party medium. Personally, I think it is not very pleasant to the publishers to be told about click frauds, whether they are guilty or not because it is embarassing, nevertheless.

And Lilian – I’m quite sure you’re aware that click fraud is a very real problem.

I do not care about click fraud. Hate me or detest me, I don’t use local CPC ads. In fact, I didn’t even use Nuffnang on every blogs of mine because frankly, payments for CPC for local ads sucks. I tried for a month and I took off every single one of them. So, no, I do not know about click fraud problems and I do not care. But I do know that those goons who did it, deserve to get ban because such unethical action will kill every single blogger in the long run. If you see any ads on any of my blogs, these are CPM ads. I get paid a lump sum in the range of RM70-RM200+ per week, per square of ad depending on the volume of my Malaysian traffic.

And although you’re very much a Nuffnang supporter, it’ll be nice if we cleared up some of the past issues on a personal level, as I don’t feel I was represented quite fairly in one of your blog posts.

The above comment makes me decide to dedicate a post for you. Yes, I am seen as a Nuffnang supporter. But the reason has NOTHING to do with Advertlets. Nuffnang doesn’t need my support. I am not some 18-22 years old hawt SYT who qualifies to be either Tim or Ming’s future girlfriend. Neither am I loaded enough to be their sugar-mommy. So…. If I jump into any posts that is seen as ‘anti-Nuffnang’ it is because of my own selfish interest. Yes, I am supporting myself. I like to put facts right because that’s my cash cow. I have revealed in my interview with Malay Mail that I am currently getting RM2K-RM3K per month from Nuffnang. I may know a lot about Nuffnang but that’s because I have blogs with band 2 right up to band 36.

And I think it is rather petty of you to talk about past posts. I have so many blogs and so many thousands posts so I cannot remember whom I had dissed or when or why. But if any of the posts still remain high on the SERPs, I cannot help it because I am that good with SEO.

I’m quite sure you misunderstood my intentions and the genuineness of what I was offering, which you did hint at somewhat later but unfortunately, in another obscure post.

I know you didn’t mean to bring any personal, emotional matters into the discussion.

Still, business is business. Where this blog is concerned, I highlight to my blog readers everything. Smorty Sucks, Advertlets Sucks or any companies that sucks. It is just a factual statement, with no malice intended. But I doubt I have ever uttered any Adverlets Sucks in any post. In fact, I have never take on Adverlets in any confrontational manner because I do not believe in bull-dozing companies trying to survive.

Therefore, if there is any negative perception from Advertlets publishers and the public towards you and the company Adverlets, leave me out of it.

Remember to separate my blogs. This is a Make Money Blog, Truth, No Scam. I only write about how to make money online without being scammed. This is not my personal blog.

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