Another year of hosting with SapiensBryan

It is time to renew my webhosting again and just for my record sake, this is how big my sites are. I have two separate packages with SapiensBryan because I separate my parenting group from my own personal blogs. Beside this, I also have a webhosting package with BlueHost.

It is actually time I think about dedicated hosting but nay…I prefer to have my hosting spread over a few places. Moreover, I am clueless on what to do in case I have problem with the server, apart from submitting tickets and biting my nails. So, it is sort of secure to have a blogger/Penangite to take care of the works.

How much does the below cost? Well, you have to ask Bryan for a quote if you are interested. But it is in the four figure sum. Plus all the domain fees and the hosting at BlueHost, I think I need at least RM2K-RM3K per annum to feed my obssession. I have a few domains that are still lying dormant because I have no mood to deal with them.

I think this is the going into the third year I hosted with Bryan. I have learnt to deal with many of the stuffs now and hopefully, one day, I can totally stand on my own two feet and get a dedicated hosting and deal with it myself. *on second thought* Nooooo….I don’t want to do that. Let Bryan deal with the dirty job of hackers, migrating etc etc.


1200MB Disckspace (Increase from initial 500MB)
50GB/month Bandwidth (Increase from initial 30GB)

cPanel hosting control panel & Fantatisco
6 Add-on Domains (Increase from 4)
15 Databases (Increase from 10)
15 Sub-domain (Increase from 10)


800MB Disckspace (Increase from initial 500MB)
30GB/month Bandwidth (Increase from initial 15GB)

Extra Add-on domain : 8 (5 more website can be created using different domain names)
Extra Database : 25
Extra Subdomains : 15 (15 more website can be created using Subdomains)

I have come a long way from only one domain with 10GB diskspace and 5GB bandwith, haven’t I?

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4 thoughts on “Another year of hosting with SapiensBryan


    (May 16, 2007 - 12:29 pm)

    Are you his biggest customer ah?


    (May 16, 2007 - 2:48 pm)

    Wah lau….

    – MENJ


    (May 22, 2007 - 11:57 am)

    Gulp…..scary leh…


    (June 28, 2007 - 9:02 pm)

    Between a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting/server, there’s something called virtual dedicated hosting — a virtually partitioned server where you’d have full control of the partition (say, 50GB with half a TeraByte monthly transfer allocation) while the server itself is managed by a third party (your paid web host/server admin). Administration-wise, it’s just slightly harder than managing a WordPress site! (it’s not as hard as during ten years ago, where telnet/SSH was server admin’s best friend, day in and day out).

    And these virtual dedicated accounts retails surprisingly cheap, between RM1-2K per annum. Considering that you yourself will have the freedom to determine how many domains you’d host on this one account, its security & privacy etc, it’s priceless — huge money-saver!

    I lack experience with local hosts, but I think our Penang friends at EB etc. do offer this type of hosting accounts. Or you could ask Bryan… ;)

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