I tell you how screwed this company Streamyx is. They promote their 4Mbps package all over town, with their super-duper annoying promoters chasing you down supermarket aisles to sign up the package. They promote it online, in the papers and on TV.

So, out of sheer stupidity on my side, we applied for the freaking package in April. First, they cut off my internet connection for ONE week to change port. Then, after several phone calls and visits to their office, nothing happened.

We gave up.

Then, four months later, they send their contractor to our home with the intention of changing the modem for the upgrade. Earlier on, when we applied, their Streamyx staff told us that our house is just next to their exchange and we can get the 4Mbps.

But the contractor now tells us that our area do not have the line. The contractor said if he upgrades the modem, our internet connection will be worse than the 512Kbps (correct?).

That’s how farked up Streamyx is.

And now, part of our Penang is again experiencing very slow internet connection and I couldn’t access some of the sites. This happens like every alternate week.

Streamyx sucks. Ok, I know everyone knows Streamyx sucks but I just need to get this off my chest. Stupid TMNet. Bodoh punya syarikat. If don’t have the infrastructure, then, don’t farking waste money promote it and then, make life difficult for your users lah. I just cannot wait for a new Federal Government to take over so that they can abolish this monopoly. Or is that just a dream?

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