And my Golden Donkey award goes to…..

self-righteous, holy-moly, I am so full of integrity, small time bloggers.

Now, folks, go on and flame me. But before that, let’s hear my reasons.

Wait, I am sure many people do not know what is a Golden Donkey. Well, it is a donkey except that we coated it with fake gold to make the receiver feels good. Ted of PayPerPost gave his first Golden Donkey to Davidwatisname. If you want to know why, read PPP’s blog. Incidentally, I wrote a post in my personal blog this morning telling Davidwatisname to get real.

But sadly, so many thousands and millions of regular Joes and Janes like me who lives in our little humble world are delusional. They sneered at us who make money through blogging. They said we sold our soul. They said blogging is supposed to be pure and simple. Like dude, if you want to be that righteous, go up the mountain and be the Dalai Lama or check yourself into the monastery. Now, that is honourable.

The tide has changed. It is all about blog marketing. People are online all the time. We the bloggers are the gold mine of the businesses. If we don’t take advantage of the money thrown our way, we are the donkeys. There is no one more deserving than these bunch of little bloggers who believed what those big boys said. They go around repeating the big boys words. What they don’t realised is the big boys have plenty of money from other means and therefore, they can afford to crap whatever they want.

So, if you do not want to get the Golden Donkey award, there are two things. One is to stop sneering at those who write paid posts. Stop going around leaving nasty comments on those blogs. Otherwise, join PayPerPost and start earning money like so many smart people. I earned over USD1,500 per month from PayPerPost. I write things I enjoy and I get paid. Where do you find a better deal? Join PayPerPost. Now.

EDITED : This is NOT a paid post because I am the real Donkey who forgot to hit the Take Opportunity button and missed it after I had written this post. Maybe it is bad karma befalling on me for calling people donkeys? Wateva… I love PayPerPost and would have done it for free anyway.

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    Hear ye! Hear ye!

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