Am on a sabbath of sort

Can you not, not make money? This is some faith thing that I struggled with. I was given a false alarm that one of my PR 4 blog lost its PR. So, I returned over USD100 to TextLinkAds at the beginning of the month. At the very same moment, I got a nice juicy offer from LinkWorth. I rejected that as well. Last night, I saw many USD25 paid posts but I decided to turn away.

Do you know that we can get sucked into this spiral, stressful, competitive tunnel of make money? I had been working real hard on making more and more money. It is fun to see the money rising every day. But a little voice prompted me to step back and think twice.

So, I have been lying low this week. I made a pact to take a sabbath from making money. Of course, it is good to keep making money. But at this moment, I hope to concentrate on my faith. I need that now because of the discovery of some disturbing matters.

Therefore, folks, posts will be slow for a few days. I have several interesting questions from readers in my comment board. I read them all and I will get back and reply to all of you, ok?

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1 thought on “Am on a sabbath of sort


    (May 8, 2008 - 11:22 am)

    I am now on a blogging break of some sorts. Too busy at work :P

    But at least Foodbuzz continues to pay for as long as there are page views :D

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