Two domains of mine just expired. Both have some inane blog posts and belong to some niches. One is about Mac. I bought the domain when I buy my iMac. I thought I would have time to post and at the same time learn about this new OS. But soon, I found that whatever I need to know, I already know and was too lazy to make blog posts about Mac. So, I left the blog untouched and traffic was rather pathetic.

The other domain name has a combination of the keywords money, blog and rich in the domain name. Just one of those days when I feel particularly rich and got plenty of money to waste. So, I bought the fanciful name and focused on debts, credit cards and money related things. Again, I ran out of things to write.

There are a few more stupid domain names that belongs to me which I am going to let it go. I am going to consolidate my domain ownership and keep only what I really know. No point having niches that I have no interest in.

Of course, I could try selling those domains on Sitepoint since I have an account there. But nay…am too lazy to deal with them. Not like I can make shitload of money from there.

So, go expire, domains, go expire. I don’t need you anymore.

Of course, those domains that I am blogging actively from, I have paid in advance till 2010. Good thing too ‘cos with the weakening of the Ringgit and possibly strengtening of the USD (with Obama-fever), domains will become more expensive.

And don’t tempt me with USD1.99 domain name! Not. Buying. Domain. Anymore! I’d rather spend it on a pair of shoes. Tee hee.

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