I discover through Pimp My Page Rank this plugin which will add links to our blog posts. (yayaya, I know this is nothing new but it is new to me) The WordPress plugin aLinks is developed by Sean Hickey of HeadZoo.com.

I made a test post over at my personal blog and you can see the results.

This is just the screenshot :


The plugin comes with very detailed pdf file and agreement. You need to read them all to understand.

But basically, once we uploaded the plugin, we need to CHMOD some folders. Next, activate the plugin.

After that, we can add our preferred keyphrases and the link where we want the keyphrase to link to. You have a choice of opening the new link on a new page and also if you wish to have the little blue arrow to indicate it is a link.


Besides adding our own links, you can also add Amazon affiliate links.


The above shows some of the keyphrases and the links.

When I write a new posts, all those keyphrases will have the links inserted. You can also choose to add to your older posts.

Fantastic because :

1) Good for SEO

2) Ease of use because I don’t need to manually add my links

3) Encourage our readers to explore more of our blogs (but if you have only one blog, you can add certain keyphrases to the category or single post)

4) Great for those blogs catered to the noobies because those little arrows will prompt them to click. (yeah, my best income earner blogs are catering to noobies who didn’t notice I have a whole blog and not just that one single post they stumbled on. *roll eyes* They mail me to ask, “Can I ask if you have other recipes to share?” I have like 400 recipes there and they thought there is only one.*gags self to death*)

You may need to think twice :

1) if you are writing paid posts on those blogs because paid post companies do not allow you to add any other links than the advertisers into your post.

2) before you add too many useless keyphrases, causing your post to have too many annoying links like my test post shown above.

To get the best optimization, you may want to analyse your Google Analytics and Webmaster Central stats. Find out what are some of your blog strong points and keep working harder to jack up your SERPs.

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