AGLOCO – A too good to be true way of earning money

I haven’t really read all the fine prints but since I heard it from AhPek, my good blogger friend, I suppose he would have done some research on this. I signed up immediately after I read about [tag]AGLOCO[/tag]. It stands for A Global Community. Nope, not some MLM pyramid tier where you need to invest money. You do not need to write like 16 posts per day to earn money.

What you need is to sign up, instal their toolbar (which is not available yet), leave your browser window for five hours per day. I am not sure five hours continuously or what but since my three PCs at home are constantly in use, that sound easy. Ads will be channelled through the tool bar.

Then, you get more friends to join and they got more friends to join and then, even more friends to join…and together, we are supposed to be laughing our way to the bank.

Sounds easy? No hidden agenda. So, what are you waiting for? Be the first few to grab this opportunity. You can use my referal to sign up, if you like.

Eek…have I just turned monstrous? Do I sound like those ‘As seen on TV ads’ promoter? Who cares…If we don’t try, we never know. Oh ya, I am not responsible if the thing doesn’t work, ok? We are all into this through trials and errors.  You can read some of the doubtful comments over here.

Post Author: lilian