I don’t subscribed to many local make money blogs feeds because most of them are just basically copy and paste jobs. But here is one that works really hard. Shamoneymaker is a Singaporean and he puts a lot of dedication into his writings, analysing and dissecting information and produce original posts.

According to Sha :

Advertlets is still a good option and company, both are in fact, but I’ve issues with my current choice, and I just can’t keep faith to it anymore.

So far my major concerns are:

I’ve not been paid since last year, I can’t be bothered to keep on reminding them. Their payment system needs an overhaul

Well, what about other Advertlets publishers? Have you been getting your payments?

Lately, local ads and advertorials are quite slow due to companies cutting down on their advertising budget. Everyone is embracing for a rough ride ahead. But not getting paid by Advertlets? Well, it is an old issue that just crops up again.

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