‘Advertise on this site’

Few days back, a fellow blogger and I were playing ‘Advertise on this site’ game. If you haven’t know, when you click on someone’s Adsense where the line ‘Advertise on this site’ is, it will lead you to another page.

Take for example…AhPek.com.

Click on his ‘Advertise on this site

and you will know that

Ahpek.com used to have a blog call apalucakap.blogspot.com

Well, like I said, we were having fun playing the game of ‘guess which blogger’s blog is this?’ and came to a lot of funny revealations. I did not opt for onsite advertiser sign-up in my adsense and hence, you don’t see ‘Advertise on this site’ on my ads.

What is Onsite Advertiser Sign-up?

Onsite Advertiser Sign-up is an extension of Google site targeting that makes it easier for advertisers to bid on your site.

When you use Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, your ad units will display an ‘Advertise on this site’ link that takes advertisers to an informational landing page with details about your site and the Google AdWords advertising program. Advertisers who sign up through this page will be guided to create an ad targeted specifically to your site, and only your site. When more advertisers create and target ads to your site, you’ll benefit from the competition as it drives your potential earnings up. (source)

Something to do when you are bored, eh? Guess whose blog is it?

Post Author: lilian