Adsense: Why Bloggers Don’t Get It

I love this article – “Adsense: Why Bloggers Don’t Get It” by Graywolf SEO Blog and had shared them privately with fellow bloggers. Time and again, I notice our Malaysian bloggers have the same perception that Adsense only pay pennies. Yayaya, most times, it is only USD0.03 cents. And if you don’t filter your ads, you may even get a miserable a one cent per click ads. Those guys who are earning decent income aren’t going to share with us small fries exactly how much they are getting.

The rest of us sometimes end up with the frustrations why probloggers are talking about a five figures income whilst we are lucky if we can get USD0.50 cents per day. So, do read this artcle by Graywolf and keep it in your bookmark. Run through it again and again. Is your blog an Aunt Millie’s?
I can summarised the strategies as:

1) Keep your blogs separate – make subdomains if you are hosting it on your own. Open separate blogs if you are writing from Blogspot. No one likes to read about boring recipes when they were supposed to read about your rants/stupidity for the day. On the other hand, people who likes your recipes may get turned off with your drama queen character. Compartmentalise your topics.
2) Don’t dream – Real money comes with real hardwork. You have to get your personality shines through your blogs. Copy and paste a thousand blog posts will not get you very far. Start with building a circle of blog buddies and get linked to each other. Real effort will see real results.

3) Don’t be apologetic over ‘writing for ads income’ – If your posts are good, people will disregard the advertisements. Over time, they develop ad-blindness. Therefore, place your ads strategically but not too obtrusively, ok?

And if you are curious how much one can earn from ads, let’s just take my son’s blog as an example. I bought him a domain as his 14th birthday gift. He only blogs when he fancies as he spent most of his time really skateboarding, instead of writing about it. The domain is barely 3 months old. He has so far earned over USD30 since I installed the blog for him in August. Recently, he had a few good days and earned USD5 per day. Considering that he is just doing it for fun and hardly updates, I must say that it is fun amount to have in the pocket, isn’t it?

Post Author: lilian