I woke up this morning and had a shock. Normally, I set my Adsense notifier to daily income. So, I roughly know how much I had earned while I was sleeping.

But this morning, I saw USD173! My first reaction was – I am so dead! I check the settings, click, refresh and the figure remains. I check the daily earnings from Adsense panel and know that the amount is the usual decent one I earn and definitely not USD173. Phew….

Now, I just remember that I had updated my Firefox to the latest version last night and I think the Adsense notifier code probably needs updating too. How nice if I make USD173 over night while I am sleeping.

BTW, we can cash out the Google Adsense for October already. I am going to do that later and head to some sale! My posts are getting very short lately because my days are filled with spending time with hubby who is currently not working. Hope to get back to write more decent posts when I got rid of him. LOL, it is certainly not easy to have a full-time husband at home. I don’t even have time to write paid posts or do anything related to my websites.

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