Adsense income increases since installation of Google Co-op (CSE)

Earlier, I suggested getting your visitors to hang around longer your blog with the installation of [tag]Google Customize Search Engine[/tag]. I had gone on to make several ‘specialised search engines’ and combine them according to the topics of my blogs.

I made :

One [tag]Google CSE[/tag] for two food blogs;

One Google CSE for one parenting site, blog and forum;

One Google CSE for my general topics blog.

I installed these codes over the regular Google search engine and had taken out those customized search boxes that come with my WordPress templates. (usually those don’t work well anyway)

Guess what? My Google [tag]Adsense[/tag] income from searches have leapt up like several notches. Normally, I get only like a few cents per day from searches. But now, I can easily earn USD3 just from searches. Why? Because when a visitor made a search, they usually landed again on my pages or they use the ads that appear on the search results.

Organic traffic (hehehe, just learn a new word for traffic/visitor that comes through search engines) normally are still in search for what they are looking for originally. They are always looking and searching until they find what they want. So, what better way than to provide them an option of Google CSE? Or to look at it in a negative way, give them a labyrinth around your blog. LOL.

Try it now! It is very easy to install. Wow, I sound like those ‘As seen on TV ads’. Never mind, it benefits you only. Here is where you create the web to lead your visitors around your labyrinth – Google Co-op. Remember to stick to Google TOS of only two search boxes per page. Then, again, who needs two search boxes anyway. One will do.

Post Author: lilian