I still haven’t cashed out the last Adsense payment and now, the new one is in.

Well, looks like a trip to CIMB or Pos Malaysia which has the Western Union logo will bring lots of moolah for Chinese New Year! I am going to get them in cash, take a photo and blog it. Had been meaning to get them in Ringgit and sen in cold hard cash because I usually put them back into my CIMB savings account.

So, have you receive your payment for December Adsense income? Usually, around 24th or 25th of the month, they will calculate our income for the previous month and within a few days, i.e. before the 31st/30th of the month, they will give us our 10 digit number and all we need is to find a branch of CIMB or Pos Malaysia (even if you don’t have an account with CIMB) and cash out in Malaysian Ringgits.

More about how to cash out Adsense on my previous post.

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