A short review on PPP’s new features

PPP posties – Go grab the new [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] [tag] Firefox[/tag] toolbar. They are ready for downloading with new features. You need to clear cache and refresh, restart to get the new dashboard and tool bar running.

WordPress users – They have another money making tool! Go check out the Review My Post little tool bar at the bottom of this page. I am only testing it now so please bear with me if you see anything weird.

Disclosure badge – Now, we no longer have to talk about disclosure because the code is added before our tag and if I am not mistaken, a little announcement will tell others that this is a paid post and so on. I haven’t see that working yet.

Posties using [tag]Bloggers [/tag]- They are still working on some codes for Bloggers. Bear with them until the next team takes over.

Rankings – I like! They now have tags for advertisers to give us brownie points. This will segregate good blogs from others. The additional features are our Alexa rankings and Google PR which are viewable on the dashboard.

To update yourself, check out PPP’s forum under the Systems Updates/Errors thread.

Next, I am going to check in as an advertiser and see what else I see from the other side. But nah ah, I am not telling from the advertisers side. :P

Post Author: lilian