A case of information overload? (Google Adsense optimisation)

Why would you want them to look like AdSense when you can make them look nothing like AdSense?

Gaman asked this in my previous post regarding Google Adsense new terms of service.

And I had been pondering. Yeah, why indeed? Because it is a case of information overload and also the ignorant parts of me working. You see, all the while, all the probloggers and SEO gurus have been harping to us, the noobs about blending our ads. So, in the process, all the other competitor ads are also into providing us codes to make our ads blend into our theme.

Chitika, Adbrite, Bidvertisers and the others have codes where we can grab to paste and make the ads blend into our site. We want people to unintentionally click on them, thinking they are part of our site. Well, I always feel this is cheating the advertisers, isn’t it? But I still do it because the big guns said so. Whatever they dished out, I lapped up because hey, they know best.

Now, I think I will be a little bit smarter and not just following the pack. Sometimes, it is good to read less and try not to try too hard.

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1 thought on “A case of information overload? (Google Adsense optimisation)

    Ah Pek

    (January 18, 2007 - 10:01 pm)

    Ya I have tried to make the Bidsvertiser Ads look different from Adsense. Don’t know it is acceptable though. Just testing the waters.

    Buthen if Adsense says it is not acceptable, who are we to disagree right?

    Then I guess I will have to choose. If Bidsvertiser earns more, I will discard Adsense.

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