5xmom October income – The grand finale

This is going to be the last time I am sharing my income. Why? Because it gets tiring to hear the same topic every month. My income did not leap 100% so I know readers will get bored seeing almost the same income every month.

First….the winner of the USD50 for guessing got the exact number. I shall announce that in another post but he has been hinted.


The amount USD5,628 is the monthly income which I included nuffnang. In case you do not know, I make four digit RM per month from nuffnang. If you have not signed up with nuffnang, you should now! If you have decent traffic, they pay well.

The USD187 is my daily average.

Well, I could make more if I had not gone on holidays followed by moving server. I think I lost about a week of making money. But of course, I am not lamenting. I already thank God that my income improves from last month.

I know at the back of many people’s mind, they will wonder if I am really making that much and if I am making it up. Well, not that I care but just to show you what I just received in my PayPal :


TextLinkAds – USD694 + USD125. Actually I have 13 sign ups but the amount will come in next month.

ReviewMe – USD456

Kontera – Finally I get paid by Kontera. USD 103

All the above payments just came in as I am writing this. Majority of my income comes from paid posts and aren’t reflected above.


Do you notice that I make a lot just from Kontera, Adsense (amount not revealed), TextLinkAds and LinkAds? All these are income that are generated every month without having to do anything. Nice eh? Even when I don’t write paid posts, I can easily make USD2K just from these. That’s about RM6K per month without working on anything.

If you wish to make money blogging like me, please check out my Make Money page and sign up with those companies. They pay and pay very well too! You can also find out my previous months income report.


This blog is still on #1 spot on #1 page in Google Malaysia for the keyword ‘make money’. So is in a lot of other countries Google. Beat that!

Added :  This is how much JohnChow made in October.

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