This is the angpow from Nuffnang for Chinese New Year. Well, not really angpow because it is through my hard work. So, let’s say this is my bonus through Nuffnang.

nuffnang cheque_5xmom_jan09

So, do you think you can make money through your blog with Nuffnang? Well, it depends on the quality of your blog, the target audience and traffic. Advertisers in Malaysia are now shifting to blog advertising because the word ‘blog’ is on everyone’s lips. The politicians talk about it, the Government talk about it, every Tom, Dick and Khairy talk about blog. The radio DJs boast they have a blog. The celebrities keep a blog.

So, start working on your blog.

Picture 9.png

The above is the screenshot of my Nuffnang income. I have made RM21K so far. Remember to declare your Nuffnang income in your income tax. If you are not making any regular income and your Nuffnang income is below RM3K per month, you do not have to bother, I think. But if you already have a regular job and pay income tax every year, you have to declare every sen. Anyway, best you refer to Nuffnang to clarify. I am only depending on what my hubby told me.

So, I have money to go Chinese New Year shopping lor.

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