Wonder if I should go ‘legal’?

I just logged into one of my paid post companies and found over 14 posts to be written. Sigh…once upon a time, I will be happy. But lately, I have so many things, priorities changed. I have also not been responding to some of the companies that provided me the posts and I have to […]

Who moved my pagerank (aka cheese)

I am currently reading Who Moved My Cheese. It is a rather corny book that I regretted buying. But then, my lecturer in the course I am taking, psycho-spirituality said it is a good book that talks about change. So, like the gullible person that I am, I spend RM29.90 on a really thin book […]

This blogger has two blogs on the top 35 blogs in Malaysia..

Actually, I have totally forgotten about Techno-roti and Alex-sai. I guess too many years of competing has made me jaded to these rankings and such. However, it is an honour to see two of my blogs up there on Riceblogger’s list of Top Malaysian blogs. I think my Best Recipe Blog at http://www.malaysiabest.net would rank […]

I have completed rehab

Most make money bloggers will tell you about their addictions to checking blog traffic stats and also checking the pennies and cents that trickle in during the whole day. Sometimes, the addiction is so bad, we check almost everytime we are near the computer. Sometimes, we check every few minutes. And when we are away […]

You stupid lameass Jackson of stupid domain chaching

You and all the worms of the earth probably do not know that you get peanuts stealing other bloggers’ blog posts and use it as your own. You should go back to your mother’s breast and learn that unless you work aka suck your mother’s breast, you won’t get milk. And you lame Jackson took […]