You win some, you lose some..

Hey people! Do you notice that Google is doing some major, drastic, killing pagerank updates? I lost some pagerank, including this site and several other sites. Yet, certain sites gained PR. So, I think I know what’s killing the pageranks. But I am not telling…… I have been away the whole weekend for a full […]

Where is your blog hosted? Malaysia? USA? Russia?

I seriously wonder if the police has the nose to sniff at the right place or do they just use a long stick and swipe every leads, whether useful or not? Once, I brought some evidence to the police station using my thumbdrive. They wanted to keep the thumbdrive as ‘bukti’! I was like WTF, just transfer the blardy files I am giving you to your computer. Why the hell do they need the thumbdrive?

Giving a buzz

If you are looking for local Malaysian blogs to read, you can find them at If you are a blogger desperate for traffic and wish to find a place to broadcast your new post, you can sign up with and ping your posts. If you are a user like me, then, just […]

Google + Youtube + Gmail = our god

I just signed in to my Youtube account and was asked if I want to merge my Youtube account with Google. I am not sure about others but with all these mergers and takeovers and whatnots, soon Google is going to watch every breath we take and every shit we make. LOL. Let’s wait for […]

Did my personal blog just get a PR5/10?

Thanks to FlikTeoh who has a blog Online Money, I checked my pagerank and according to the little green bar, I have PR five! Pagerank 5/10! I had pagerank 5/10 a long time ago but Google murdered my pagerank after they found out that I was doing PayPerPost. I removed all my PayPerPost posts (I […]

No notifications from Paypal about funds received

I was sitting here and wondering why none of the companies have paid me. Usually, several companies pay me before the end of the month. So, I waited and waited for the emails to come in. And there is none. Finally, I logged into my PayPal account and discovered that five payments have been sent […]