This blog runs on WordPress 2.7 but…

This is the fifth blog I upgraded to WordPress 2.7. I notice the followings : 1) The new WordPress 2.7 folder has over 700+ files. When I am uploading the new files, at least 4-14 files will not get uploaded probably due to my bad internet connection. So, I need to make sure that all […]

Malaysiakini hotter than Facebook on Google Search

According to Malaysiakini, Google has revealed that Malaysiakini is the fastest rising searched website in Malaysia in 2008. And to give you guys a little tip, here are the popular search keywords : Google also found that the economic downturn was clearly on top of mind for many Malaysians. “There were large increases in the […]

WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” is out now!

I spent over 2 hours trying to upgrade to WP 2.7 RC 2 last night due to bad internet connection. I made a test drive after that but am not sure if I like the new features. The dashboard looks neater but I have yet to explore all the new features. I should have waited […]

Making money with affiliate sales

When my hubby was young, he used to follow his older brother selling pasar malam (or flea market) stuffs in small kampungs (villages). He often tell my children how good business was back then as there weren’t any hypermarkets or even sundry shops around. Until now, the bachelor brother is still opening a small grocery […]