Google December pagerank update – the final one for 2008

Well, well, Google pagerank update happens again. I notice a drop in pagerank for two of my blogs. Again, my faith blog lost another PR eventhough I didn’t do a thing to it. No paid post, not selling links. Anyway, the traffic to this faith blog is not much and I don’t get many backlinks. […]

New Year resolutions or make money plan, we all need it

I am going to make some quick notes on the things I should be doing in 2009 where make money blogging is concerned. As we know, resolutions are stuffs people crap at the end of the year when the alcohol, parties, auld lang syne and foolish thoughts rule. Within a few weeks, we probably forget […]

Credit card fraud in an island

Whenever I pay for my Google Adwords using the credit card, even for USD50, they will phone the main card holder, my hubby. I find it a chore to get such calls and usually, refrain from using credit card for any payment. I hate being asked by hubby, “DId you just paid USD50 to blablabla company?”

This blog is going on another holiday

I think December is the month with the lowest income and lowest traffic. But never mind, after making money for the whole year, it is about time I slack a bit. Luckily, I am saved by the increase in Christmas traffic to balance out the drop of income elsewhere. I am going to Langkawi where […]