This make money blog is taking a break

I am going to totally forget everything. No blogging, no churchie stuffs, no cancer hospital visits, no slogging for the family except for what is necessary and I am just going to do nothing.

So, I won’t be blogging for the whole of next week. Unless something big comes up and I must yak about it. Hope there is none so that I can throng the new malls I haven’t visit in KL. Pavillion, The Gardens….all I have never been before.

Cool! Now Chitika Premium comes with WordPress plugin

Chitika Premium just released its WordPress plugin. It is so much easier to insert the Chitika Premium ads into our blog posts. Just download the Chitika plugin, upload it and select your choice of ads size. I like Chitika Premium because it doesn’t appear to our regular readers as it is targetted only for search […]

Should bloggers moderate comments?

morons who bother to change IP, go through 3rd party IP masking, change their names and emails. The blacklisting is available on Wordpress at Dashboard > Setting > Discussion and you can enter the details into the box Comment moderation or Comment blacklisting.

Their future comments will go into Akismet and that’s the end to pesky folks. They want freedom of speech? Tell them go set up their own blog and crap there.

Christmas WordPress themes and snowfall plugin

make money bloggers may not be keen to go Christmassy mood. But if your blog is targetting women, food lovers, parents and shopping, do change your blog theme to get your visitors into the mood. They may be infected with the festive mood and click on one of your ads or affiliate link to buy something, you know?

Glad that Chitika Premium no longer audit income

I am so glad to get an email from Chitika that the income audit is a thing of the past. Previously, Chitika audited our income and only pay us for USA traffic. However, with Chitika Premium ads placed in our blogs, now they pay us what is due to us. I love Chitika Premium because […]

Do you notice your incoming links today?

This is for the users. On your admin panel, do you notice the incoming links seem to be showing every blogs that link you on the sidebar? Usually, the incoming links only show the permalinks which mention and link to our blogs. However, today I notice every blog that links me on the sidebar […]