What’s with the increase of spam and Akismet upgrades?

My blogs were doing fine until yesterday. The server keep crashing and my webhost Byran discovered that it was some cron job in my wp-back-up plugin that gives the problem. Thanks to my webhost or I would be dead as I do not know how to deal with these sort of things. He took some […]

Do you notice a drop in Adsense income?

This is not looking good. It is already half a month and my Adsense has not touched the normal figure I expected monthly. Unless there is some Divine Intervention or Googlegod taking pity on me, I definitely will not get the same amount like September. So, I am wondering if it is just me or […]

So many gadgets, so little money

It’s the weekend and it has been a while since I go out to the mall. There is a fair going on and I saw those tiny laptops call the E-PC or something and I was almost tempted to grab one and run. It sure beats my current mode of mobile surfing using my tiny […]